Happy ClientsCici Carter

Cici has been helping her friends buy and sell residential real estate since 2004. Here are a few testimonials from some of her happy clients.

Laneka A., Jacksonville, FL

Would I recommend this professional? The question should be how quickly would I recommend this professional. From the very beginning of my home buying process, Cici Carter was right there! From helping me determine the right/best type of home for me to the best location, I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. She is more than knowledgeable of the market! She also made sure to answer any and every question and concern I had and reassured me that she would help me find a home she knew I would absolutely love! I am forever grateful that I had her as a realtor for my first home purchase and will definitely be utilizing her services for the next one!

Craig W., Jacksonville, FL

If you have been house hunting, then you know it’s no easy task. I had pretty specific demands in my house search and Cici was more than willing to show me all the historic houses I wanted to see. In the end, my wife and I found the perfect house for us. Everyone she recommended, from the home inspector to the mortgage lender, was great! Cici writes a great contract and really looks out for her clients. I highly recommend her. Happy house hunting!

Crystal C., Green Cove Springs, FL

Buying a home can be difficult and stressful. It is important to have a realtor you can rely on and trust. That’s why my fiancé and I were lucky enough to find Cici! She went above and beyond and helped us through every step of the process. From showing us homes that fit our needs, and responding to our questions and requests quickly, she is an absolutely AMAZING realtor! Any issues that would crop up from our lender or the seller would be quickly resolved and addressed by Cici. She can really do it all and has the patience of a saint. We had gone through a lending program that required mountains of paperwork and documentation. Cici provided us with the guidance to navigate through it all seamlessly. Despite delays from the lender we could always trust that Cici was on top of all of it. Her advice, humor, and heart helped through the tougher spots in the process as well. If you want a realtor who can listen and puts the homebuyer first, you have to go with Felicitas Cici Carter.

Paul and Michelle H., Jacksonville, FL

To say Cici is a good realtor is an understatement. From start to finish she has delivered above and beyond. She provides impeccable service. My husband is in the military, and my son and I are stationed here with him in Virginia. I thought it would be impossible to get a home in Jacksonville. But Cici made it possible. To further explain how awesome this woman is I will start by saying that we didn’t even get a chance to physically see our home in the beginning. Before making an offer, she being the amazing realtor that she is, sent us recordings of the home in order for us to make an offer. She sent us videos of the home, all the required paperwork and the information necessary to get us to the closing table. We love our home and we couldn’t have picked a better realtor to get us into this beautiful house. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing to purchase a home, even if you’re not located in the Jacksonville area.

Lew and LaTasha K., Orange Park, FL

Why is my Realtor Cici Carter the best Realtor? Because she listens, she understands, and she’s a joy to work with. My husband and I started housing hunting with Cici 3 yrs ago, and unfortunately we weren’t able to buy at that time due to financing. Cici never showed impatience, frustration or like we were wasting her time. Over the next year or so, she continued sending us potential homes and she kept in touch with us. December 2013 we were ready to buy with financing in hand. Cici was there with us during the home buying, contract, building, walk-through phase, and she was awesome. When things were delayed with the builder, she would call to make sure I was ok, and to assure me everything would be just fine. She’s trustworthy, a great listener, and she has a heart for the homebuyer. In short, Felicitas Cici Carter is an AWESOME Realtor!

Darlene G., Jacksonville, FL

Cici Carter is a phenomenal real estate agent. Phenomenal some may think is nearly impossible to achieve however Cici achieves it and exceeds it. From the moment I said “I need to list my house for sale” she took the reins. Cici has a keen understanding of the market that enables her to establish precision pricing. She took me through specific, methodical steps in order to create traffic and maximize the the interest of potential buyers on internet sites as well. She went above and beyond in making sure everything went smoothly without a hitch. My house listed [as a short sale] on November 7th, and I signed closing documents on February 22nd. She even helped with the heavy lifting! Cici Carter is and always has been smart, gracious and quite professional. Thanks again, Cici!

Matthew H., St. Augustine, FL

My wife and I can’t say enough about the professionalism and customer service we received from Cici. Her knowledge and expertise allowed us sell our home within one month for list price! Not only did she help us in the sale of our house, but a couple months later she helped us find the home of our dreams. The house was only on the market a couple days and it came down to a best offer between four other buyers, and if it weren’t for Cici’s quick action to show us the house and get the offer in we would have missed out. We highly recommend Cici to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is not only a great realtor, but a good friend!

Robin H., Jacksonville, FL

My husband and I had a very good experience selling our house with Cici Carter/Keller Williams. We had numerous showings and two open houses. Our house had a contract within 33 days and we got our asking price. Everything went smoothly and we closed on time. Cici did a fantastic job keeping us up to date with what was going on and always promptly responded to questions we had. We would highly recommend Cici Carter to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Patrice H., College Park, GA

We used Cici when we bought our second home, and it was a big difference from the first time.

The first home we bought, we weren’t knowledgeable and didn’t know anything about the process. The agent we used the first time didn’t help us with anything, even though she knew we were first time homebuyers. We didn’t know what type of loan we got, or even what our interest rate was. We didn’t know what questions to ask because we were new at the whole thing. And that first agent didn’t tell us, either – she was more interested in getting us to closing so she could get her commission check.

The second time around, Cici explained to us the entire process, what paperwork was needed, what type of loans to get and what type of loans not to get. She cared about finding us the right house, but she cared even more about us getting the right loan so we could actually keep the house. She cared about us. Not just whatever commission she was going to get. That meant a lot to us.

Cici educated us so we weren’t in the dark. She also told us what to expect during the building process (we built our house from the ground up). We were never in the dark because Cici guided us.

Using Cici this second time, we had a much better experience buying our home. We have already recommended her to all of our friends, and will continue to do so.

Nancy C., Hampton, GA

As a first time homebuyer, I was nervous buying a home. But Cici went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable with my home purchase. She went above and beyond, answering all of my questions, and guiding me through the whole process. Even if she didn’t know the answer to a question, she would investigate and get the answer for me. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Lavenne E., Fairburn, GA

Cici is a woman of her word – she put every effort forward to sell my house. She stayed in touch with me… That might not seem like a lot to some people, but to me it meant that I had finally got a real “AGENT”…Not only did she sell my house, she sold it at the price I needed and she sold it in 10 days. I never thought that it would be possible…

I would recommend Cici to anyone who needs an agent. She’s hardworking, loyal and committed to her job. Cici is there for you from the beginning to the end.

John M., Powder Springs, GA

Cici sold my house … and we got an offer in only 8 days. I was extremely satisfied with the quick and prompt attention, especially with the help in understanding the costs and issues associated with selling a home. I also appreciated the personal ‘one-on-one’ attention that was provided.

This house was the last thing tying me to my ex-wife… Cici went way above and beyond and talked to my attorney and my ex-wife to get things ironed out so that we could have a smooth closing.

Cici also helped me buy my new house… She gave me the number for a home inspector who turned out to be really thorough, and she kept following up to make sure everything was on track for the closing. My closing lasted about 10 minutes, and everything went smoothly.

I’m happy with my new house, and I’m very happy with Cici. I would recommend her to anybody looking to buy or sell their home.

Caneo C., Conyers, GA

I was a renter for over 10 years, fully aware of the process of becoming a homeowner, but terrified to take the journey. When I finally decided to take the first step, I sought out a realtor that possessed a passion for what they did, and furthermore used that passion to create success.

Through Cici’s encouragement and direction, she recommended a mortgage company, and to give me that extra push, she had the mortgage company contact me. Within hours I was pre-approved for a mortgage and told to go find my home.

Determined not to let time take advantage of my opportunity, Cici emailed me daily reports of homes within the area, price range and amenities that I’d requested. I found my dream home on a Sunday morning … 62 miles from Cici’s place of residence. I called her insisting that she had to come to the house that day because I was ready to sign a contract, and she did.

Throughout the entire process, Cici was an advocate for what was in my family’s best interest. I called her three to four times a day, asking questions that she’d already answered. She was always patient, answering each question as if it were the first time I’d asked. … I recommend Cici to any buyer who needs an advocate and not just an agent.